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Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water #1) by S.E. Jakes

Published by Riptide Publishing
Published on 9 September 2013
Review copy received from publisher

We have two broken guys (Prophet and Tom) thrust together as partners for a mercenary agency. Both have secrets that fuel their actions both have trust issues. Neither one will fully open up to the other. Even when these guys become intimate it is more a tit for tat situation.  A power struggle. Maybe even a little bit of a learning opportunity to see how much the other will reveal during their moments of lust/passion.

Then we have this overwhelming drive for Prophet to protect Tom while keeping up his walls. Tom’s guilt over what he believes is a Cajun curse that results in his partners dying and Tom’s need to protect Prophet from it. Add in a bit of sixth sense and some serious guilt and you have one messed up situation! When Prophet actually concedes to Tom (and in the reverse), it is insane! One minute they are fighting the next they are locked in passionate kisses and hard thrusting sex. Then ghosts from their past come in to overtake them again and they are back to fighting. I think this intense need to be close yet push isolation is what we get when two alphas collide and are trying to make it work (or not work because they both act like they don’t really care if the other walks away FOREVER even though in their heart they want each other).

I honestly couldn’t tell who was more messed up in the head, Prophet or Tom. I’m not even sure it mattered. All the way to the end of the book I still felt they were playing a game with each other that was totally not ending and wouldn’t be resolved any time soon. This is the first mm romance/suspense/drama I’ve read that had an actual cliffhanger (not counting a serial but that’s a given). So much scratching the surface with these guys that I hope we get some resolution as the series barrels ahead because I feel like I have whiplash from Prophet and Tom’s back and forth games.

As I sit here writing this review (post finishing the book literally 5 minutes ago) I can’t decide if I’m sad, upset or just plain in shock. I mean really, it ends like that! Thankfully book two in the series is set to release in October so the wait won’t be long, just excruciating! I need to see these guys healed and happy. Yes, much happiness is needed and long overdue for both of them.

We have been introduced to many secondary characters that I hope will show up in the next books in the series but the most intriguing and the one I trust the least is Cillian. Something is up with that guy and I can’t wait to see what it is. Well done SE Jakes, well done. I hope this review is as much a cluster as that book just was! I mean that in the nicest way but, geez it was unreal!