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SPOTLIGHT: Discovery (Drakyl Ranch #1) by Thianna Durston

We’re pleased to shine the spotlight on Thianna Durston’s new release, Discovery. It’s an interesting mix of genres with makes it unique and intriguing. Read on for a few teasers and an excerpt!


Discovery by Thianna Durston
Series: Drakyl Ranch book 1
Release date: 1 September 2015
Publisher: NQWYE Press
Categories: Paranormal, M/M Romance, Horror

Aaron thought he was dying, Jaret showed him how to live.
Now the only thing standing between them and forever was an ancient enemy set on their annihilation.

Living in Montana and working the ranch is all Aaron wants to do for the rest of his life. Diagnosed as allergic to the sun thirteen years previous, every day is a struggle to get out of bed. Having to wear long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and even material to cover his face from the effects of the sun, just makes it all worse. Now, in his thirty-second year, he is sure this will be his last summer. While he hates it, he knows he needs to come to terms with the truth and put things in order for his younger cousins. Before he does so, he heads out for one night of pleasure before facing what’s coming.

Jaret loves excitement and new adventures. For over five hundred years, he has sought them out. In Montana on a whim, he comes across someone he doesn’t expect, someone who makes him feel things he does not understand and does not want to give up. In no time at all, he feels like he cannot live without Aaron. The only problem is Aaron doesn’t know who he is, what he is, nor that he isn’t going to die. Not on Jaret’s watch. With a plan to help the other man discover who he is in place, he only has one thing to worry about: whether an ancient enemy will come and destroy everything he now holds dear.

Warning: This book is a paranormal m/m romance with some horror elements. It also crosses cowboy and vampire genres. If you don’t think cowboys look hot with fangs, you’re missing out.

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Discovery Teaser 1


Where was Jaret? He stood up tall and looked around, but at first all he saw were their horses who seemed spooked. They had huddled into a tight bunch, looking prepared to run away at any moment. He’d never seen them do that before.

Slight movement out of the corner of his eye made him reach for his gun. Only to realize he hadn’t even thought to bring it. “Fuck.” Stalking toward him—or actually Blaze and Krage—was a huge cougar. Before he could sound an alarm that would have his horses running away quickly, Jaret came out of nowhere.

Faster than he could have imagined, the man tore around the herd heading straight for the cat. Moving as fluidly as the mountain lion did, he sped up, a growl leaving his mouth. Wait. A growl? Nothing that alarming could have come from him. Sure, he’d heard Jared growl in annoyance or to tease him. But the sound that just left his throat was menacing. Obviously the cat thought so to as it whipped around and let out a roar. It hunched down and Aaron felt completely useless at protecting his lover until the cougar suddenly flumped to the side. Blinking in confusion, he looked again even as his heart beat so fast in his ears, he couldn’t hear anything.

Strange sensations overtook him as Jaret looked up and nodded at him, as if this was all supposed to make sense. His fingers tingled and he flexed them over and over, his upper jaw throbbing painfully, the ache increasing exponentially as Jaret picked up the lion. A low rumble filled the air but Aaron wasn’t sure where it came from and he couldn’t look away from the man walking toward him.

Discovery Teaser 2

Book Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LaUAeh
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/discovery-thianna-durston/1122559852?ean=2940152105100

Discovery Teaser 3

Meet the author:

Thianna Durston is a writer by day and supernova by night. Or at least that’s what the faeries tell her. And who is she to deny those pesky *cough* lovely little creatures?

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.

Connect with the author:

Thianna’s Website – http://mm.thiannad.com/
Thianna’s Blog – http://blog.thiannad.com/
Facebook Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/ThiannaDurstonAuthor
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ThiannaDurston
Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ThiannaDurston
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13536433.Thianna_Durston


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Blood Tied (The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge #2) by Jacob Z. Flores

Blood TiedReleased 7 September 2015

Published by Dreamspinner Press

Cover art by Paul Richmond


Thad Blackmoor’s heart is as cold as his icy magical abilities. He considers emotions a waste of his time and prefers to study the arcane, using the sacred books of his coven to grow in his craft. He aspires to supersede his father and elder brother Pierce in power, and now that his younger brother Mason has tapped into the rare warlock power of darkness, he needs to work harder than ever.

But Thad’s ambitions are halted when he saves Aiden Teine, a fire fairy, from a banshee. Thad’s immediate attraction to Aiden catches him off guard and thaws his cold heart for the first time. As Thad, Aiden, and his brothers investigate the connection between the banshee attack and the vampyre and shadow weaver who almost killed them, Thad tries to dodge Ben, a sexy warlock who won’t let him be after a one-night stand.

Their search leads them to the Otherworld, where something even more insidious is at work—something Thad will need more than logic to stand against.

Sales links: Amazon  •  Dreamspinner Press

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Our thoughts:

The second installment in The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge Series is sure to be a favorite amongst mm paranormal fans. Jacob Z. Flores goes all out with the magical creatures and level of suspense propelled across the pages.

Although this is primarily Thad’s story, it involves all the Blackmoor brothers. Mason and Drake are still madly in love and working through all the changes that occurred in Spell Bound. Thad hasn’t come into the full potential of his powers yet. He has the typical middle child syndrome, the forgotten/neglected child. He’s always masked his emotions never giving into them fully after losing his temper and being out of control once as a teen. That seems to be what’s holding back his magical potential. The fact Mason has come into his full powers and is more powerful doesn’t sit well with Thad. He studies and makes it a point to know and learn as much as he can and now he’s being eclipsed by his goofball brother. Oh hell no. That just won’t do.

At first Thad comes across as a bit cold or even callous. That’s him reining in the emotions and remaining removed from everyone. The only person he was ever close to was his mom. After her passing, he’s feeling even more isolated and alone.

I was actually shocked at how easily Thad fell into a casual hook-up with a guy named Ben. There so much more to this guy. From the onset he seems like he’s up to something and not completely trustworthy. Like he has an ulterior motive. He definitely wants Thad. But when Thad meets a Fire Fae in the woods in need of assistance, Ben is a thing of the past. The intense feelings and desires Thad has towards Aiden is much stronger than the pull he experiences in Ben’s presence.

The magical creatures the Conclave fight against in book one return and there’s even more afoot for the magical Protector families to contend with. The brothers find themselves thrust into the melee once again. Thad will be tried more than the others. Their world and that of Otherworld where the Fae reside will be pushed to their breaking point.

Kudos to Jacob Z. Flores for bringing a story that changes and shocks at every turn. Good, bad, death, life. We’re always wondering what will happen next and who will come out unscathed. There aren’t many not touched by the strong evil magic being wielded against the Conclave. The warlock brothers of Havenbridge will be tried and tested over and over but their intelligence, love, strength and resilience will stand up to the tests.

So many twists and turns, this is a must read book within the series. There’s so much more to learn and more evil to fight before all can be as it was in their world. Will the Blackmoors come out unscathed? Will Thad gain in love or will he lose out on that front again. Two seek his attentions but will any of them prevail?


SPOTLIGHT: Mates Series by Cardeno C


We’re shining a spotlight on the Mates series by author Cardeno C. The 2nd editions of the series were just released with fabulous new covers. If you haven’t read the Mates series or just read one or two of the books within the series, now’s your chance to grab them up. Below you will find a generous excerpt for each novel and a chance to win your pick of one of the Mates series novels. Enjoy!



Wake Me Up Inside

A powerful Alpha wolf shifter and a strong-willed human overcome
traditions ingrained over generations and uncover long-buried secrets to
fulfill their destiny as true mates.

Regarded as the strongest wolf shifter in generations, Alpha Zev Hassick is
surprised and confused by his attraction to his best friend. His very human, very male best friend. A male shifter has to mate with a female shifter to keep his humanity, so shifters can’t be gay. Yet, everything inside Zev tells him Jonah is his true mate.

Maintaining a relationship with the man he has loved since childhood isn’t easy for Jonah Marvel, but he won’t let distance or Zev’s odd family get in their way. When unexplained ailments begin to plague Jonah, he needs to save his own life and sanity in order to have a future with Zev.

Zev and Jonah know they’re destined for each other, but they must overcome traditions ingrained over generations and long-buried secrets to fulfill their destiny.



He reached out a trembling hand and stroked the soft fur on the head still resting in his lap. The wolf whimpered and turned into his hand, licking it. Then those familiar eyes looked up into Jonah’s face.

“Zev, I…I…”

Okay, so it’d be fine, but at that moment he felt cold and sweaty, he was having trouble getting air into his lungs despite rapid attempts to suck it in, he was nauseous, and he thought he might faint. Yeah, okay, so maybe he was in shock. Just a little bit.

Jonah dropped to his knees and then laid flat on his back, trying to calm down. He propped his feet up on the chair.

“Blondie?” Zev’s concerned face was right above him, petting his hair. “You’re shaking. Oh, damn. Jonah, do you hear me?”

He hadn’t even seen the wolf turn back into a man. It had happened that seamlessly.

“I… I… I’m fine. Just, um, need to lie down a little. Maybe…” Jonah tried to gather his thoughts. That effort alone was helping. “Just get me a blanket, okay? I’m cold.”

Zev shot out of the room, and before he knew it, Jonah felt a blanket being tucked around him. He looked up and saw that Zev’s gorgeous eyes were wide, his forehead was creased with worry, and his full lips were drawn in tight lines. Jonah tried to exude comfort.

“I’m okay, Pup. Promise. This is just a lot to take in. Give me a minute to adjust.”

All right, time to man up. So his boyfriend could turn into a wolf? Hell, he’d done rounds in the ER of a huge metropolitan city at night. Some of the shit he’d seen there firsthand was way scarier than a furry woodland creature who liked to nuzzle him. That train of thought almost made him laugh out loud.

He might have even managed a smile because he heard Zev let out a relieved sigh and felt the man relax, even though they weren’t touching. How could he feel what was going on in someone else’s body?

Okay, yeah, that was weird. He’d need an explanation. Add it to the ever-fucking-growing list.

“All right. So you can turn into a wolf.”

Jonah’s voice almost sounded steady. He gave himself mental props for that achievement.

“Yeah. Are you still freaking out?” Zev asked.

“Nah. You’re not the first seemingly normal guy I’ve seen turn into a wolf.”

“I’m not?”

Jonah shook his head.

“No. Of course, it usually happens at bars late at night when the guy’s had too much alcohol or controlled substances and he’s making a pathetic last-ditch attempt to get laid. Still, I’ll take your type of wolf over the kind that shows up right around last call anytime.”

Zev’s jaw dropped.

“Are you… Was that a joke, Blondie?”



Until Forever Comes

A sensitive wolf shifter and a vicious vampire challenge history, greed, and the very fabric of their beings in order to stay together until forever comes.

Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, Ethan Abbatt is a wolf shifter who can’t shift. Hoping to find an honorable death by joining his pack mates in a vampire attack, Ethan instead learns two things: draining his blood releases his pain and his wolf, and he has a true mate–a vampire named Miguel.

Over four centuries old, strong, powerful, and vicious, Miguel Rodriguez walks through life as a shadow, without happiness or affection. When a young shifter tells Miguel they’re true mates, destined to be together, Miguel sends him away. But Ethan is persistent and being with him comes so naturally that Miguel can’t resist for long. Their challenge is staying alive so they can be together until forever comes.



“I was right,” he said, looking up at me, his lips swollen and eyes heavy-lidded. “You’re delicious.”

I reached for him, feeling like I was going to fly right apart without his weight to keep me grounded and safe. He took my hand in his and kissed my palm before crawling over me until his face once again hovered above mine.

I took a deep breath, gathering every ounce of strength I possessed. “How much do you know about shifters?” I asked.

Miguel Rodriguez was my mate, which meant I was going to stick to his side like white on rice. I reckoned it was only fair for me to explain that to him.

“I know that none of them have ever felt as good as you.”

I frowned and a growl rumbled out at the thought of my mate feeling anyone, ever.

Miguel smirked. “That’s adorable,” he said, dipping down and tugging my lower lip between both of his before nibbling his way across my jaw to my ear. “I know quite a bit about shifters, actually. For example, I know your kind are very territorial, and based on that noise you just made, I’m guessing you’re trying to stake a claim on me.”

Oh, there was no “trying” about it. “You’re mine,” I nearly shouted. “And you best realize it right soon.”

The grin left his face, and he looked truly regretful when he cupped my cheek and responded. “I’m not a good bet, wolf. I tried to warn you before, tried to tell you to stay away.”

“That’s never going to happen,” I said adamantly. “I belong with you, and that’s all there is.”

“I’m a vampire,” he said, as if that explained anything.

“You’re my mate,” I replied, knowing that trumped everything. “My true mate.”

“Vampires don’t mate, Ethan. We don’t settle down and build dens and raise puppies. We’re not monogamous. We—”

“Oh, well, you surely are now,” I told him. “There’s going to be nobody but me for you from here on out.”

“And how do you plan to explain me to your pack?” He sounded frustrated. “Like I said, I know all about shifters. I know your kind looks down at everyone different. Humans are lesser beings, half-souls; that’s what you call them, right? They can’t shift into two forms so they’re not worthy. And bloodsuckers,” he scoffed. “We’re worse, aren’t we? Dirty, soulless, immoral.”

“I never said that,” I said hurriedly, feeling sickened by his hostile tone and harsh language.

“No, you didn’t. But do you deny that it’s true? Shifters live in packs, live for the pack, and you’re never going to bring me home to meet your mother. So how, exactly, do you plan on this going?”

He was right, of course, and it wounded me deeply, the fact that he’d never be accepted by my pack, the fact that I’d have to leave them in order to live by his side.

“I don’t deny it,” I whispered sadly. “But I hope that my mama will come into town to meet you.” I wiped the back of my hand across my eyes. “Either way, I’m staying with you. That’s where I belong. That’s where my loyalty lies now.”

“You’d choose me over your pack?” he asked skeptically. “You’d leave pack lands to live with me?”

It was the only choice I could make, the only choice I wanted to make. Like I’d said, Miguel was mine.

“Yes,” I answered simply, because, well, it was just as simple as that.




In Your Eyes

Two very different men with a tumultuous history must overcome challenges from all sides and see past their society’s rules to realize they are destined for one another.

Raised to become Alpha of the Yafenack pack, Samuel Goodwin dedicates his life to studying shifter laws, strengthening his body, and learning from his father. But despite his best efforts, Samuel can’t relate to people, including those he’s supposed to lead.

When Samuel meets Korban Keller, the son of a neighboring pack’s Alpha, he reacts with emotion instead of intellect for the first time in his life. Resenting the other shifter for throwing him off-balance, Samuel first tries to intimidate Korban and then desperately avoids him. What he can’t do is forget Korban’s warm eyes, easy smile, and happy personality.

When a battle between their fathers ends tragically, Samuel struggles to lead his pack while Korban works to break through Samuel’s emotional barriers. Two very different men with a tumultuous history must overcome challenges from all sides and see past their society’s rules to realize they are destined for one another.



“You look like you’re about to fall over,” he said. He sounded concerned, not like he was mocking or judging me, so I didn’t argue. “You haven’t slept in days, have you?”

I shook my head and focused on keeping myself upright.

“Well, that explains why all that tightly held control finally snapped.”

Wincing at the reminder of what I’d done to him when I lost my control, I lowered my gaze and started stepping away so I wouldn’t crowd him.

“No.” He grasped my shoulder and then eased his hand onto my back. “That wasn’t a complaint.” He sighed. “We need to talk, but first we need to get you operating on all cylinders, which means sleep. Where’s your room?”

Pride should have kept me from letting him decide what I needed and when. Instinct should have prevented me from leading him to the place where I slept and was most vulnerable. Self-respect should have stopped me from giving in to my exhaustion by slumping my shoulders and shuffling my feet as I neared the bedroom. And yet I did all of those things without a second thought or a hint of hesitation.

When we got to the bed, he dropped his hand from my back and waited for me to get in. I shivered, suddenly cold in my core. I looked at him, not sure what I wanted, but certain he could provide it.

“I’m filthy,” he said, gesturing to his blood- and dirt-covered body. “You lie down and I’ll go wash up.”

He was right. I could only imagine how he felt, coated in filth and grime. “I’m sorry. I should have thought to… I shouldn’t have put you… I—”

“Shhh.” He cupped the back of my head and massaged my scalp. “You need sleep. You can’t complete a thought or think straight.” He tilted his chin toward the door at the end of my room. “That’s the bathroom, right?”

I nodded.

“Take your clothes off and get in bed. I’ll be right back.”

It wasn’t until my shoes and pants were pooled around my ankles and I was stripping my shirt off that I realized what I was doing. Why on earth was I listening to what he said? Why was I putting myself in an exposed and vulnerable position? Why was I letting him bathe in my shower when I normally couldn’t stand anyone in my personal space?

“You know why, Samuel.”

I darted my gaze up and saw Korban standing in the bathroom doorway, looking at me.
“Did I say that out loud?” I asked. “No.” He shook his head.

“Then how did you—”

He smiled at me, his expression soft. “Sleep, Samuel. You know all of this in here.” He tapped his hand against his chest. “You just need to let go of the things you’ve learned in here”—he tapped the side of his head—“to realize it.”

Whether I would have argued or demanded more answers, I’d never know because Korban walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. It would have been mean to prevent him from washing, so instead of pushing him for an explanation, I padded into the bathroom, retrieved a toothbrush from the drawer where I kept extra toiletries, and set it on the counter.

“There’s a toothbrush next to the sink,” I said, trying not to look at his form behind the steamy glass enclosure. “Everything else you need should be in the shower.”

“Thanks, Samuel.” When I didn’t move, he chuckled and spoke again. “I promise I won’t be long. Go to bed before you fall over where you’re standing.”

I was tired beyond belief, but I doubted I’d be able to sleep with everything going on. I was far too anxious. Still, I did what Korban asked and slid between the sheets.

Though I remained awake, the sounds of him in the adjoining room lulled me into a relaxed state instead of making me tense. Even the water turning off, his bare feet slapping on the tile floor, and him brushing his teeth melted tension from me. By the time Korban walked into the bedroom, I was breathing easier and no longer felt ice-cold inside.

“You look better,” he said quietly, pressing his palm to my forehead and then brushing my hair back. “Still tired, but better.”

I blinked my eyes open and watched him, trying to figure out what he was doing. He was being nice, tender. It didn’t make sense. And I liked it, which also didn’t make sense.

“A good night’s sleep and you’ll be back to yourself.”

“Why are you doing this?” I said quietly. “I hurt you and you’re taking care of me. Why?”

“For the same reason I’m going to get in bed with you and you’re going to let me.”

“There are lots of other bedrooms in this house,” I said. “The beds are just as comfortable. The doors have locks.”

Not that I couldn’t break through a locked door, but at least it would be some barrier to keep him safe from me.

“I know.” He picked up the blanket and sat down. The man had no self-preservation instinct.

I looked at him for a second and then slid over, making room for him to lie next to me.

Immediately, he reached over, wrapped his arms around me, and tugged me close until we were pressed together. It was then I remembered he was nude. It made sense because he hadn’t been wearing clothes before the shower and he didn’t have any at my house. But still, he was nude. In my bed.

“What?” he asked.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Your entire body tensed and you’re barely breathing.” He smiled and combed his fingers through my hair. I had never let anyone touch me that way, not even my parents. But I let him. I liked it. “That’s saying something with your body. What freaked you out?”

“You’re not wearing any clothes.” “I know.”

“Oh.” I swallowed hard, thinking about his nonresponse. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“For the same reason you’re glad I’m not wearing any clothes.”

Meet the author:

Cardeno C. – CC to friends – is a hopeless romantic who wants to
add a lot of happiness and a few “awwws” into a reader’s day. Writing is a
nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay
rights organizations. Cardeno’s stories range from sweet to intense,
contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong
relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.

Heartwarming Stories. Strong Relationships. Forever Love.

Connect with the author:

Email: cardenoc@gmail.com

Website: www.cardenoc.com

Blog: (Shared Blog) http://caferisque.blogspot.com/

Twitter: @CardenoC

FB Profile: http://www.facebook.com/CardenoC

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CardenoC/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CardenocAuthor/posts

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/cardenoC/

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BLOG TOUR: The Breaking of Bonds by Alina Popescu

The Breaking of Bonds Tour Banner

Welcome to our spotlight post for Alina Popescu’s second book in the Bad Blood series, The Breaking of Bonds! We’re thrilled you stopped by to check out what’s next in this thrilling vampire series. Take a look – 


breakingbonds_promoA human sacrifice throws vampires of two worlds, trueborn and baseborn, into an escalating conflict. One side pushes for revenge, the other for freedom. The trueborns stubbornly hunt for Anthony and Louis, pushed by Hesrahís desire to avenge her human best friend, Alexa. The baseborns are divided between rallying with those challenging the rule of Ankhsis and obeying the trueborns.

What emerges from the portal between Earth and Ankhsis in the middle of the turmoil rocking both worlds is more dead than alive. Neither human, nor baseborn, and certainly not trueborn. This new being will either damn them all or be their raceís most powerful weapon. Will they trust it not to destroy them, or will Ankhsis decide putting it down is the only solution?

In the end, who is guilty? Who will pay? Will anyone survive its wrath?

Goodreads Badge

Series: Bad Blood, Book Two
Genre: paranormal, supernatural, paranormal romance, vampires
Book Length: Novel





When I woke up, the sun was just setting over the forest. I turned to find Hesrah sleeping next to me, over the covers. The moment I realized there was another being next to me, the hunger made its way back into my mind. This was going to be awful! How do you get used to constant hunger, to always craving more blood?

Hesrah opened her eyes, sensing my moves. She gave me a huge smile that warmed my heart.

“I’m sorry for attacking your brother,” I mumbled, looking anywhere but into her eyes.

“I’m sorry for turning you into a vampire,” Hesrah replied. “I just wasn’t ready to see you die.”

“What am I now?”

“Something else. You definitely are something else,” she said smiling, and reached out to play with a strand of my hair.

“I need to take a long shower. And some clothes would be nice.”

“Oh, I’ve heard everything about that stunt! Magnus was very detailed in explaining how you got Seth completely dumbfounded and unable to say anything.”

“I had no idea that was such an accomplishment.” I chuckled softly and snuggled closer to her, careful not to touch. I was terrified I’d also attack her.

“Oh, judging by your speed and amount of words you two spew out, plus the always handy comebacks and side comments, I’d say he’s your brother, not mine.”

She laughed, slowly shaking her head, and I joined in. Hearing our laughter echoing in the room made everything seem almost normal. It took me back to when we’d met. Back when she was the unstable vampire who did not know how to deal with that terrible hunger. Back when I was human.

The pain came over suddenly and irrevocably, forcing me to mourn my long lost humanity. A common, feeble nature, yet one I missed terribly. The tears started rushing out like an angry, rain-swollen river after a sudden storm, and I knew there was no way to stop them. So did Hesrah, so she just held me through it, allowing me time to let it drain out.

The room was pitch black when I eventually stopped. Hesrah left the room and returned with a couple of candles which she lit. She passed one to me, then took my free hand and nudged me gently. I followed quietly as she took me down the hallway to a dimly lit bathroom. The candles we were carrying made it a little brighter, but not enough to chase away the shadows. There was a big bath right in the center, filled with steaming water and wafting exotic scents.

“This will help you relax. I ran it with extracts of local herbs and flowers, all soothing,” Hesrah explained. “Just enjoy it and I’ll be back with fresh clothes when you’re done.”

‘Thank you,” I said hurriedly and slid into the hot water. I smiled and closed my eyes, succumbing to the sensation of the oily substance floating above the water as it touched my skin, clinging to it. It smelled of lavender and roses and other familiar scents. One in particular reminded me of some white flowers my grandma had in her garden. They had an intoxicating aroma and would only flourish at night. They would close up and seemed withered during the day only to bloom again the next evening. Queen of the Night it was called…




Make sure you read book one of the series before enjoying book two!

The Edge of Hope – Bad Blood Trilogy, Book 1

badblood cover blog promoEveryone she loved betrayed her. She felt lost and broken. Getting away from the pain and embracing a new path, Alexa decided to leave her old life behind and chase a long forgotten dream in Malta. There she met a gorgeous man, bearing the scent of fresh love. He led her to a new city to explore, Amsterdam. Is the tall, dark, and delicious man a dream come true or just a risky gamble?

Alexa chose hope and new beginnings over fear and warning signs only to be brutally dragged into a world she never really thought existed. Vampires, their feuds, and her future held tightly in their hands.

Trapped in a mysterious world, Alexa gives love chance after chance. Following her quest of self-discovery in a blood bound world, will she survive the journey?

Take advantage of the sale for The Edge of Hope – $0.99 everywhere: 




Prizes: 3 e-copies of The Edge of Hope, 2 e-copies of The Breaking of Bonds, 1 bundle of Bad Blood, books 1 & 2

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Writer, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and even won awards in local competitions. She has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm, which explains her deep love for vampires and is also to blame for this trilogy.