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Lust for Life by Jeri Smith-Ready

Released November 27, 2012
Published by Pocket Books
Complimentary copy for review from Simon & Schuster

Can I tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this book? Since June 13, 2011 when I finished Bring on the Night, WVMP #3. Okay that might not be entirely true, because during the time between last June & this release, Jeri Smith-Ready was writing Let It Bleed, WVMP #3.5. (Which BTW you want to go get for free here.) No matter what, when you love something this much any wait feels too long.

There’re what seem to be a billion vampire stories out there; each writer puts his or her own spin on the species. The WVMP vamps are some of my absolute favorite, because they have your typical vampire things – immortal, drink blood, freakishly strong, can’t go out in the sun – as well as some of your not so typical – compulsions and being chronologically stuck in the decade they’re turned. They’ve got a skewed view of reality and have to make it through life without calling attention to themselves. Pair this with Jeri Smith-Ready’s amazing flare for storytelling and smart writing style, and it’s a total win. The radio station setting is genius (so much good music!), there’s tons of action, and the cast of characters provides range and depth like even some of the most critcially acclaimed literature. I absolutely love the situations they find themselves in, often times hilarious but sometimes tragic.

This book was in one word satisfying. It’s the perfect conclusion to the WVMP series, and it’s totally in sync with the tone and flow of the previous books. I always fear for the books I’ve placed up on pedestals, because there’s so much pressure for them to deliver. This is the 10th book I’ve read by this author, and you’d think by now I’d learn to put my trust issues aside. Never once has she let me down, and if anything Lust for Life exceeded my expectations. I had SO MANY FEELINGS while reading this book. I laughed, I cried, I sang songs in my head, I yelled and then I laughed and cried some more.

Part of what makes these books so special is how the characters become so real. They seem like people you’d meet on the street, get to know, become friends with. It makes me want to hang out with Jeremy when he’s pulling his shift in the middle of the night, just listening to some tunes. I can imagine Franklin standing at his desk sharpening ALL THE PENCILS. I’m so sad to say goodbye to these characters, but I know I’ll be rereading and revisiting them often.

So this is probably where you wonder how I can write this whole review without mentioning Ciara & Shane. LOL In an effort not to go all fangirly and spoil (I usually give away too much when I gush), I’m just going to say I love their forever. It’s perfect and wonderful and everything they deserve to have.  But you really need to read Lust for Life to see just how they get there.