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Enigma by Lloyd A. Meeker

Published by Wilde City Press
Published on 28 August 2013
Copy obtained for review from publisher

“It’s sad, in a way, how the body can remember the pain of darkness long after the soul has found the light switch.”

Reading Enigma was a refreshing change from my norm of late which has been romance. Enigma is part of the Mainstream Line with Wilde City Press. I was excited because the main protagonist was a private investigator and also an empath. He could read auras! He could sense lies, anxiety, fear, sadness, all very useful tools for someone in his field. I was pulled right in just from the protagonists voice. Rhys Morgan was very witty and straightforward. I immediately liked him.

The book starts with Rhys (love that name so I’m not sure why he goes by Russ) Morgan accepting a job for a prominent church minister who is being blackmailed/threatened. From there we get to sit through the interviews Russ conducts and have insight into his interpretations from his empath side as well as his investigator side. He is direct but also a little vague so we can try to decipher the clues along with him. Pieces of the story unfold before us and build until the mystery is finally solved. What a good mystery it is! You might figure out who early on, but then the true meat of why is revealed and it is shocking!

I loved the real world elements within the book. The addition of reparative therapy, renowned evangelical minister, LGBT organizations, musical references and the local setting all painted a very realistic feel to the story. It was all well planned and spanned over a decade. Very impressive. I am from that region of Colorado and the descriptions of streets and places Russ frequents are spot on! I was shocked to discover the author was from Florida, they were that good!

I thought Enigma was an excellent read. The story was interesting and moved at a nice pace. I was pulled into Russ’s world and all his great attributes as well as his faults. He was not a perfect guy but he was well aware and working every day to maintain his sense of self. The title is listed as A Russ Morgan Mystery. Does this mean a series?! I hope so because I’m totally sold on Meeker’s writing!


Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player 2 by Patrick Darcy

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Release Date: June 12, 2013
Published by: Wilde City Press
Review Copy

Conor is back and ready for more international rugby action, this time in Copenhagen. His best friend Sean is along for the ride – literally. These guys are tearing up the rugby field in an all out quest for victory that is full of intense action.

I absolutely love the way Mr. Darcy includes so much detailed rugby in these stories, although I’ll admit being somewhat lost for some of it. Clearly I need to brush up on my rugby terminology! It definitely keeps things moving though, and I can feel the tension mounting during the game as they size up their opponents. You sense the adrenaline rush these guys must have as well as their need for release.

From the moment they set foot in Copenhagen, Conor has his eyes on hot Danish player, Bjorn when he arrives to welcome them to the city. His fantasies are further enhanced when Conor reacquaints himself with Stefan, another Danish player he’s had fun with in the past. The dream sequence involving the three of them is a very hot stroke of genius on the part of Darcy. I’ll admit I wasn’t entirely convinced it was a dream until I’d read all the way through it. Shifting gears back to rugby action was a bit trickier after that one, although I liked how Darcy intermixed the erotic scenes with on-the-field action.

The real erotic payoff in this story is late in the book after Ireland has achieved victory over Copenhagen. It’s looking like Conor’s dreams of starting something with Bjorn will go unfulfilled, he and Sean are having a good time celebrating at a local nightclub when Cardiff fullback Matt arrives.  From here I was a little surprised that Conor and Sean decided to team up in their endeavors, but it seems like they’ve done this before. Matt seems more than willing and I think he gets twice as much as he bargained for, if you know what I mean. ;)

Overall I felt like this story was a little stronger than the first book. Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player 3 was just released, so I can’t wait to get my hands on it to see where things go from here for Conor and Sean.


Charlie, Rentboy (Working Boys #1) by J.P. Barnaby


Published by Wilde City Press
Published on 4 September 2013
Copy purchased by reviewer

Review may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

JP Barnaby has done it again! I swear everything she touches is golden! She writes fabulous stories and has the most delicious covers (with those yummy boys on them)! Most of her books are pretty intense and hit on some major emotions (which I LOVE) but Charlie, Rentboy was a true love story from start to finish with a sprinkle of fun loving wit! It was a change but a delightful one!

Charlie is a Rentboy, obviously. But, Charlie is actually David, an engineering student working his way through school and only seven months shy of graduation. He takes a job with John for the weekend. John wants a paid for boyfriend and some perks during their weekend and Charlie is more than happy to accommodate. What Charlie didn’t expect was the emotional attachment he starts to develop towards John. Especially after he discovers that John is being completely open with Charlie, using his real name, telling him very personal information about his life, crying. John feels a connection with Charlie because he is the first person to see past his name and just his true self. To John, Charlie feels like the real deal, an actual person who cares for him like a boyfriend should. It’s all very sweet!

Don’t be fooled by the sweetness! Oh my is this book hot. No hot isn’t good enough, passionate and sensual, yes! Seriously the looks, moans, sighs, movements, shivers, the intense urges. The lust hangs thick on the pages! I thought my phone was going to spontaneously combust! The scenes are varied and have you on the edge! *wink* Then just when I was thinking in my mind, please don’t walk away from each other forever, things really take an interesting turn! I won’t spoil the biggest part of the book but I was jumping for joy in my pajamas on the bed (because I literally bought and read this book as soon as I woke up)! Sometimes a Happy For Now that is leading to a Happily Ever After is just perfect for the story.

One more issue I would like to address. This is a completely angst free book! WOOHOO! I get so tired of whine-fest, angsty boys who can’t think or speak up for themselves so they let relationships get messy. This book was perfect, both John and David handle matters in a calm and adult way. They stop, think and work things through. All the while, they have major emotions going but they don’t lash out or offend. So refreshing! Go figure, adults working things out like….adults! Kudos, JP!

A little birdy told me (okay it was JP) book two is in the works and will be about, and I quote, “…a wickedly hot gogo dancer.” Did you hear that? That was my ear piercing scream of joy!